Lampshade making at Vintage Bluebird

29th Jun 2012 @ 11:30 @ 11:30

Great to report back into the blog that a small project has really taken off now for Vintage Bluebird Gifts and Interiors.

Since we opened the shop back in April last year we thought that personalised gifts would always be a great string to our bow. Gillian started making personalised bunting as a result and we get a good number of orders each month and are getting regular repeat orders. Usually the bunting is made for Children as something a bit different to give for Christenings and birthdays. We can be contacted via if you would like to know more, get a quotation or place and order. The website will be updated in a few weeks so we can sell the bunting online.

So with this success story we started to look at other things we could make and a chance conversation with an upholsterer got me thinking about lampshades. The problem is always that you have to take a guess on what to stock. So you’re always guessing which size, which fabric and whether the shade is to hang from a pendent or to sit on a table or standard lamp. So the solution is to have all the fabrics and all the lampshade rings and to then make the shade to order once the customer has made their decision. And as it only takes about 30-40 minutes to make a shade from start to finish it is no less inconvenient for the customer than say, getting some keys cut. We still have some shades on the shelf for people to walk out of the shop with but they really are just samplers now.

There are also some further and exciting opportunities that have been borne out of this project. We are can offer to make the lampshade from a fabric of the customers choosing, so as long as we are provided with enough material then a shade can be made. We can offer tutorials in making lampshades so that eventually we will be able to hold classes or parties where people can try a new a different skill. There is an element of trial and error to getting a perfect result so we can help teach how to make the perfect shade. We are also going to sell lampshade making kits through the shop so that if somebody just wants to ‘go it alone’ or requires just the minimal advice and assistance then we can help.

Until the next blog…

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