PiP Studio at Vintage Bluebird

4th May 2011

Vintage Bluebird now stock a range of PiP Studio products. PiP who grew up just outside Amsterdam has the motto ‘Happy products for Happy People’ and you can quickly see why. She works on a simple principle of only making products should would buy and like to own herself. Her work is rapidly gaining fans from within Europe and is spreading into America and Australia. These modern classics will be collectors pieces of the future.

We have an extensive range of mugs, cups, teapots, bowls, and plates from the Floral Porcelain range. The patterns feature vintage style bold flowers and birds in a fantastic selection of pinks, blues, reds and khakli. The range work well as stand alone pieces or a complete service that can be put together in  a mix and match style. You can even put elements of the range alongside your existing vintage tableware and it will still look right as an accent piece to breathe new life into your old favorites.

We also stock round and square cushions and bolsters which again feature the same bold flower and bird designs as the porcelain. The cushions are bright and fresh looking and brighten any room. They are a real treat and suit a bedroom or living room where lounging is not only allowed but positively encouraged.

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