Look what we're getting in this Christmas...

29th Oct 2013

Star Wars, Superman and Doctor Who mugs, money boxes etc. Having grown up with these heroes of the cinema and the small screen we thought it would be great to fill our shelves with some awesome super hero power. Also helps with those difficult presents for the men in your life.


Star Wars has remained the epitome of Sci-Fi movies since it first hit the screens in the mid-1970’s. In the opinion of many the original movie A New Hope (the fourth in the series) is yet to be bettered and we celebrate this fine film with a mug!

Star Wars Mug - A New Hope

Superman has been doing his super hero stuff since the 1930’s and remains for many the ultimate superhero. The red ‘S’ superman logo is instantly recognisable and just holding this mug will make you super, faster and stronger.

Superman - Superhero Mug

Dr Who is fifty this year. Well 400 to 1,000 years old in real life but the TV series enjoys its fiftieth birthday this year. And to celebrate we have a large mug with all the past doctors featured. Your favourite doctor will be on this mug!

Dr Who - Fiftieth Anniversary

Keep posted on the website, Twitter and Facebook for updates. We expect these mugs in during the first week of November and they will be available in the shop or online.

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